Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rising Fog

The fall issue of Knotions is live! My newest lace design, Rising Fog, is a featured pattern.

Rising Fog Shawl_2

Rising Fog Shawl_1

Rising Fog Shawl_3

It's a beaded rectangular stole/shawl with two identical edgings. For symmetry, the second edging is knit separately, then grafted to the body of the shawl. If you are nervous about grafting, don't let that step prevent you from giving the pattern a try! The grafting happens within a garter-stitch band and (trust me) it is not hard to do, especially if you practice on a swatch first.

I knit the shawl in Classic Elite's Silky Alpaca Lace, an incredibly soft alpaca and silk laceweight. The shawl took most of two skeins, so you should expect to need around 900 yards. You'll also need plenty of beads (303, to be exact). I used pale pink glass beads from the WEBS Beads Store. Here's a detail shot showing the placement of beads on the edgings:


The shawl was partly inspired by the wisps of fog I often see rising above the Pelham hills just east of where I live in Amherst, Massachusetts. I haven't got any good pics of the hills I see every day, but here's one of fog rising over hills in another part of western Massachusetts. It's a view from Kripalu, a yoga retreat center where I spent some time this week:

I did a lot of yoga at Kripalu--and spent a lot of time in the whirlpool too. What a relaxing place! I only brought easy knitting, such as this sock, which I knit on while walking the outdoor labyrinth:

Sock_Knitting at_Kripalu

Like my Emily's Firmaments Shawl, Rising Fog has an Emily Dickinson connection, which you can read about on the pattern page. I do wonder if the beads might have been a little too fancy for Emily, but well--I liked the way they suggested droplets of water, so there they are! If you detest beading, of course you can leave them out.

I've been on the computer so much today that I'm beginning to worry that the kinks I worked out of my neck and shoulders at Kripalu are going to come back. So, best to step away from the keyboard and take a break. But not before extending a big thank-you to my sister Jackie for modeling Rising Fog. We had some trouble finding a day last May when we were both free and it was not raining (it seemed to rain almost every day that month), but in the end it worked out fine. Thanks again, Jackie!

Rising Fog Shawl_6

Rising Fog Shawl_5


Anonymous said...

I love this shawl! I am a big fan of gray - and I love the metaphor. It is going in my queue right away!

KPiep said...

Absolutely lovely! Congrats!

And Webs has a bead store?!

And definitly do NOT let those kinks come back!

Paula said...

Lovely shawl, especially the generous edging.

Karin said...

Lovely lovely shawl.

I hope you're kink-free still! :)

Angela said...

Beautiful Shawl, Bonnie! Congratulations:)

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

The shawl is beautiful. It looks like something I would like to make after the Christmas knitting is done. (^_^)